Tooth restoration with dental inlays

  • Useful Info   •   December 4th, 2019

After clearing a cavity and removing the affected tissues, the tooth must be restored both functionally and aesthetically.
The restoration can be done by direct method, respectively by composite or amalgam fillings (fillers) or, starting from the dental imprint, dental crowns or inlays can be made.

What are the inlays

Dental inlay is a prosthetic work performed on the basis of the dental imprint to perfectly fit a cavity. The inlays are made of various materials, the most commonly used being ceramics and composites and are permanently fixed with bonding cement.

Inlays are generally recommended when the damage caused by tooth decay is very advanced and the thin walls of the tooth cannot support the filling but at the same time when the tooth is not sufficiently destroyed to require a dental crown.

The Advantages of inlays

  • precise execution – the inlays perfectly restore the shape of the tooth, they are prosthetic pieces made on the basis of the dental imprint.
  • durability – high temperature treatment gives inlays dimensional stability and durability.
  • lasting aesthetic effect – the inlays do not undergo color changes over time.
  • efficient sealing – inlays are cemented with special photopolymerizable adhesives, which makes the space between tooth and inlay perfectly sealed and thus reduces the risk of secondary cavities.

  • the interdental contact point is completely restored – the restoration of the affected tooth’s anatomy in accordance with patient’s bite, ie the restoration of the correct bite, ensures the protection of the mandibular joint and the support structures of the teeth.

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