Smart grinder for grafts made from the patient’s own teeth

  • Useful Info   •   September 9, 2019

Smart Grinder solution turns extracted teeth into autogenous graft of the highest quality and ready to use within minutes. Human dentin has the same properties as bone, which makes it a standard for grafting.

What is a graft? 

Bone graft is a dental procedure required when fixing dental implants in patients suffering from bone loss. Without such a graft, the dental implant cannot withstand time, because the bone tissue is too weak to support it.

Bone graft procedure requires gum surgery, which sometimes, can be done at the same time as the implant surgery, but only when a minor graft is needed, since enough natural bone has remained. Otherwise, graft procedure must be made before the actual implant surgery and it requires a period of osseointegration.

Types of grafts

  • Autologous or autogenous or autologous bone grafts
    They are made from bone tissue collected from patients and are considered the most efficient grafts.

  • Allograft
    They are made from bone tissue collected from another person.
  • Xenografts
    Grafts made from bone tissues from animals.

  • Aloplastic grafts
    Grafts made from artificial bone tissues, respectively synthetic materials.

Why autogenous graft and why Smart Grinder? 

Bone grafts taken from the same organism have a low risk of rejection, they show a very good integration and most importantly, they induce osteogenesis, this being the process by which the bones are formed starting from a membranous or cartilaginous model until they progressively acquire the shape and dimensions that characterize them.

The classic procedure for autologous grafts implies a longer operative time being necessary 2 operative sites, one of harvesting and one of insertion of the graft which leads to an increased post-operative discomfort.

But, in the case of grafts obtained from dentine with Smart Grinder’s help, the processing source being the teeth extracted from the patient, the need for a secondary surgical site is eliminated, as well as the danger of the adverse effects of disease transmission. Bone grafts from dentin contain growth factors and stem cells, are mineralized and osseo-inductive which facilitates and speeds up bone regeneration in 6 weeks vs 12 weeks and also gives better implant stability.

The Smart Grinder system can be used as a bone augmentation after any type of extraction, having the role of maintaining the width and quality of the bone for as long as possible and to stop bone absorption.  With the help of the Smart Grinder system the extracted teeth turn into a autogenous graft of the best quality and at the same time financially efficient.

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