Professional brushing for a healthy and beautiful smile

  • Useful Info   •   August 20 , 2019

In order to ensure a thorough cleaning of dental surfaces as well as to remove the stains caused by tobacco or over time consumption of certain foods such as coffee, tea or red wine, the scaling should be followed by professional brushing.

What does professional brushing mean as dental procedure?  

Professional brushing is a prophylactic medical procedure that completes the effects of scaling, guaranteeing the patient qualitative and lasting results. Through scaling, the greatest amount of tartar is removed, but only scaling is not sufficient for deep cleaning and especially for smoothing the tooth surfaces. Therefore, it is recommended that scaling to be followed by professional brushing, by which, even stains due to eating or smoking habits are removed.

In professional brushing, special solutions, gels or high concentration toothpaste are used along with special tools that allow through circular moves an effective, precise and intense brushing to be applied, without affecting the gums or tooth enamel.

Depending on the degree of pigmentation, the dentist can choose a professional paste with a certain type of granulation, so that brushing should lead to a deeper cleaning, according to the needs of the patient.

The entire hygiene process of the oral cavity is finalized with the help of Airflow, which thanks to the special design of the instrument used, allows access to the most difficult dental areas and thus eliminates all possible bacterial plaque residues from interdental spaces. At the same time, Airflow, thanks to the strong mineralized jet applied to the dental surface, manages to remove all stains due to eating or smoking habits, teeth subsequently becoming whiter and brighter.
The prophylactic treatment thus carried out offers both comfort as a result of the complete hygiene of the oral cavity and safety regarding the maintenance of the health of the teeth and gums.

Why is professional brushing so important? 

The risks of bacterial plaque and tartar accumulation are numerous and they are mainly related to an increased level of tooth sensitivity, the appearance of tooth cavity, the development of gingival and periodontal disorders to which digestive problems, cardio vascular problems and emotional discomfort can be added too.

Despite of a good oral hygiene, the bacterial plaque and tartar cannot be completely removed by dental brushing performed at home, especially when it’s subgingival located. This is why, in addition to correct brushing done at least twice a day, the use of dental floss and mouth water, it is recommended at least two visits a year to the dental office for professional prophylactic treatments including scaling, professional brushing and Airflow treatment.

If, during the prophylactic treatment, scaling is followed by professional brushing, the benefits of scaling will be felt for a longer period of time, precisely due to the polishing of tooth surfaces and also due to the precise removal of the stains.

The necessity of the professional brushing sessions is determined in relation to eating habits, in relation to patient’s predisposition towards plaque and tartar deposits, it depends on the presence of gingival or periodontal diseases, it relates to the tendency of pigmentation of the teeth, the saliva PH, dental caries etc. It is recommended to have at least one Airflow session every six months or, if the situation requires, treatment can be repeated every two to three months.

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