PRF and its role
in post-surgical healing

  • Useful Info   •   September 24, 2019

PRF is an autologous healing material obtained through a technology based on the activation of the patient’s blood platelets. The role of PRF is to accelerate postoperative healing process, to contribute to tissue regeneration without any side effects and to reduce the risk of postoperative infections.

How is PRF obtained

Platelet-rich plasma – PRF (Platelet Rich Fibrin) – is obtained from a patient’s blood sample collected prior to the surgical procedure. After its harvest, blood sample is centrifuged which leads to separation of plasma from thrombocyte concentrate. The concentrate thus obtained transforms into a natural membrane that can be applied directly to grafted area. Plasma resulting in centrifugation process can also be used to hydrate the operated field.

PRF membranes thus obtained are rich in growth factors that are gradually released in first days after intervention. Growth factors are known for their osteoinductive role (accelerating bone formation), for stimulating postoperative healing by accelerating angiogenesis (forming new blood vessels) and for providing nutritional factors.


A-PRF reffers to biomaterial obtained using only patient’s own material, ie blood, without adding other additives.

I-PRF refers to biomaterial that has been enriched with leukocyte, growth factors and numerous other cells, in order to rise immune action (infection prevention).

PRF benefits in tooth-alveolar surgery 

  • Sinus Lifting
    In case of sinus lifting operations, PRF membrane contributes by its density and resistance to the structuring of the bone graft, especially in case of maxillary sinuses.

  • Implanturi Dentare
    În cazul implanturilor dentare inserate imediat post-extracțional, membrana PRF contribuie la vindecarea post-extracțională prin stimularea osteointegrării implantului, prin limitarea resorbției osoase și reducerea riscului apariției perforărilor vestibulare și a dehiscențelor.

  • Bone Grafts
    PRF membrane in mix with bone graft stimulates the aggregation of nutritional cells with bone graft material and thus contributes to neovascularization (new blood vessels formation that vascularize and support guided bone regeneration) and implicitly to a rapid ossification of the graft.

  • Periodontal treatment
    In periodontal treatment, PRF membrane, by its high platelet content plays the role of biological agent that ensures the connection between bone components or the connection with the gingival graft while also acting as a protective gel for the operated area.
  • Healing of wounds
    PRF membrane prevents post-operative infections and also restores the anatomical structure close to the natural one.

At Diana Smile you can benefit from this revolutionary reparative technique that allows the efficient use of the body’s own resources with special results in tooth-alveolar surgery as a result of its stimulating role in soft tissues and bone tissues regeneration, and all without side effects.