Dental sealing
for Children and Adults

  • Useful Info   •   June 20, 2019

Dental sealing is a method of preventing tooth decay for both children and adults, being usually indicated on permanent teeth, unaffected by cavities. 

What does dental sealing mean?

Dental sealing consists in applying a thin layer of tooth-colored composite on the chewing surface of the teeth, in the grooves and ditches, as well as on the lingual and vestibular surfaces.

  • The sealant acts as a barrier against the accumulation of bacterial plaque, transforming the hard-to-reach areas with the toothbrush into areas favorable for self-cleaning, respectively in glossy areas with uniform relief.

  • Sealing is a non-invasive and non-toxic method, for the application of the sealant, process of tooth grinding not being necessary.

  • The sealant contains fluoride-based antibacterial substances that are released over a long period of time, further reducing the risk of tooth decay.

When is dental sealing recommended?

Sealing is recommended before any dental caries appear, but it can also be performed if there are signs of incipient dental caries, provided the cavity is treated in advance.

  • Most dental sealings are indicated for definitive molars for children from 6 to12 years old, as they are the most prone ones to develop cavities.
  • Sealing is also effective in case of milk teeth.
  • Even for adults, dental sealing can be a solution for the molars that still have pronounced occlusal relief, so with a predisposition to bacterial plaque accumulation, provided they are unaffected by cavities.

How long does dental sealant last?

On average, a sealing may last 2-3 years intact, but factors such as dental hygiene, type of feeding, frequency of dental checks influence sealing resistance over time, which is why periodic half-yearly visits to the dentist are necessary in order to verify and to ensure the integrity of the sealing.

Say YES to Dental Sealing – an effective solution for tooth decay prevention for both children and adults.