Airflow treatment for complete cleaning and stain removal

  • Yseful Info   •   August 28, 2019

Airflow treatments are performed using a tool especially designed to clean even the most difficult mouth areas and thus it eliminates all remnants of bacterial plaque, without causing pain or bleeding gums.

How Airflow works? 

Airflow technology involves applying a controlled jet of air mixed with demineralized water and bicarbonate particles on the dental surface, the purpose of the procedure being to remove any traces of bacterial plaque, to remove stains due to eating or smoking habits and to polish and to protect the tooth enamel.

The procedure is very effective in removing stored tartar even from the most difficult accessible spaces. Patients do not experience any discomfort, their gums are not affected and the tooth enamel, although thoroughly cleaned, does not deteriorate.

Airflow is recommended for people wearing dental implants, for people with implants or prosthetic works, for heavy coffee consumers or for consumers of certain foods that may produce color changes of the enamel, including smokers, as well as for people who want to improve their aesthetic appearance.

The advantages of Airflow treatment 

  • Cleaning the dental surface without affecting the gums or the enamel
  • Elimination of dental plaque, food debris and deep deposits of tartar, including from interdental spaces

  • Removal of unsightly pigment stains due to smoking and consumption of certain foods

  • Reduced dental sensitivity
  • Smoothing of dental surfaces before performing prosthetic work
  • Reducing the risk of irregularities or cracks on the enamel surface
  • Ensuring the resistance of dental implants and other prosthetic works
  • Positive influence over dental remineralization
  • Prevention of bacterial plaque deposits
  • Prevention of gingival and periodontal disorders

When Airflow it’s being recommended? 

Airflow treatments are very effective and well tolerated by patients, including those suffering from anxiety. This is why they are used complementarily in several types of treatments: in the procedure of sealing the occlusal areas, prior to the disinfection stage, in dental aesthetic treatments for eliminating certain stains usually caused by eating habits, in implantology and orthodontics in phases preceding installation of components in dental devices, as well as in the dental restorations, for cleaning and desinfection of dental structures.

Airflow is also a modern hygiene solution, associated with dental prophylaxis therapies. The prophylactic hygiene therapy indicated to be performed in the dental office at least once every six months is finalized with the help of Airflow, the Airflow treatment ensuring in-depth cleaning of the places in the oral cavity where debris that cannot be removed by only brushing at home, can be localised.

Airflow treatment effectively completes the in-depth cleaning process, eliminating even the last remaining scraps that could not be removed during scaling and professional brushing stages, and provides both comfort as a result of the thorough hygiene of the oral cavity and also assurance regarding the health of the teeth and gums.

In the dental prophylaxis, the necessity of the Airflow treatments is determined in relation to eating habits, in relation to patient’s predisposition towards plaque and tartar deposits, it depends on the presence of gingival or periodontal diseases, it relates to the tendency of pigmentation of the teeth, the saliva PH, dental caries etc. It is recommended to have at least one Airflow session every six months or, if the situation requires, treatment can be repeated every two to three months.

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